Misspent Youth Bundle Giveaway!!!

I’m running a giveaway for two Misspent Youth Bundles that will be awarded on October 12th 2020

Each bundle will consist of the Misspent Youth rulebook and its supplement Sell Out with Me, as well as a couple of Tea, Tea, RPG! stickers (you can also buy them at Sarah’s Realm)

All you have to do between now and October 9th to enter:
Listen to at least one episode of the podcast @ listen.teatearpg.com

Review the show and any episodes you listened to on Podchaser @ https://www.podchaser.com/podcasts/tea-tea-rpg-782033. One entry will be registered per Review.

Share a screenshot of your review on Facebook, Instagram, or twitter with the hashtag #teatearpg

Ep. 02 – #iHunt Review


Introduction – 00:00

Welcome to episode 02!

I start off by declaring my unabashed love for blaseball, an online baseball simulator. Its absurdist, and weird, and fast paced, and just wonderful. It looks like they are taking a break to upgrade the system a bit and fix some bugs, but I look forward to its return. Stare Into the Sun!

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Three reviews on Thursday.

Three Reviews on Thursday, covers of Michtim, #iHunt, Murke's Peerage

I had a few hours to kill tonight and decided to get a few product reviews out there. When it comes to the sales platforms used by most RPGs (Itch, DTRPG, etc.,) reviews really help get their products seen, and so few buyers ever think to leave them. I decided to remedy this.

Each review was posted on Itch.io, which is problematic since I don’t know for sure that Itch has fully implemented reviews on their platform. As such I’ll include the text and a pic so they will at least be seen here. I would have done this on Drive Thru, but I didn’t actually buy these games on that platform, and it won’t let me leave one.

I picked these three specifically because I am followed by their creator on Twitter, and the games looked cool. There really wasn’t much else to my decision making process. So lets roll

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Hello World!

Every post located below this one is from some early long abandoned blog. Future posts may not, and likely will not, reflect the content of older posts. Tea, Tea, RPG! is a podcast covering Indie and Small Press RPGs, thats where my interest has been focused for quite a while, and where I intend to devote my limited energies for the foreseeable future.

For those coming here from Plus or Minus I’d just like to say Hello, and that this is not abandonment. I’m still going to cover plenty of Fudge based content, I have just come to see Fudge games as being part of the much larger Indie RPG scene rather than a scene of their own. I fee like I can do some good here.

I’m still working a bit on format and content ideas, but the only rule I’ve worked out so far is that I”m not going to focus on the 1,000 pound gorilla in the room, they get enough attention. I’m going to focus on the games not getting the attention they deserve, the little bits of clever design hidden away in some 1 page RPG you’ve never heard of, trends and whole genres of Roleplaying game that many of us know nothing about.

A lot of this was kicked off, for me at least, by Orion Blacks explanation of why they no longer work at Wizards of the Coast, found at this Twit Longer. But my love for that game has been slain by a thousand cuts since the introduction of Third Edition. But instead of dwelling on my problems with a company and its products, I’ve decided instead to dwell on a community I’m very much in love with.

How do you go about trying out various tabletop rpgs without hemorrhaging cash?


A large portion of the systems I regularly plug are actually free, or at least have free versions available. A representative sampling:

Another chunk are not, formally speaking, free, but have a pay-what-you-want price model, so you can put down whatever you can afford. A selection:

Some are neither free nor pay-what-you-want, but only cost a buck or two in PDF, so even at full price they’re basically impulse purchases. e.g.:

Finally, there are games that you’ll have to pay full retail price for, but that offer free starter versions:

(All that said, I do end up spending great gobs of money on tabletop RPGs. I justify it to myself as professional research!)

Nice to see some Mindjammer Love

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